Chapter 1 - What a Fun Introduction

Watching this dream unfold is truly breathtaking. I cannot believe in the nine short months I've been working at this, I've gotten this far. And I am so grateful for whats unfolded, not to mention excited about the future.

I had always been a little reserved in my fashion choices growing up in Canberra where the masses of shops that lined the malls were your everyday run-of-the mill cookie cutter clothing lines. Never really choosing my own style, I just followed the trends.

Moving out of the ACT to QLD coastal regions in 2007, opened my eyes a little more to beach inspired fashion but not as much as the day I bought my first Jaase dress in 2017 on the Gold Coast. A soft, long, flowing rayon maxi dress with a drawstring waist and the most magnificent orange/red fabric scattered with little white and turquoise flowers. I was in dress heaven.

That was ultimately the start of something unstoppable. We moved back to Canberra, but my love for bohemian clothing had only gotten stronger over the years. I would wear my brightly coloured dresses around town, out to dinner with the girls, on date nights with the husband and constantly would get complimented on what I was wearing.

My husband Craig said to me one day "Jade, you could do this. There's a niche in Canberra for bohemian clothing. Why don't you start your own?" And Anchor & Willow was born. We source our own designs for our Anchor & Willow label and also stock well known quality Australian brands such as Pink Diamond, Gigi & Ella and my favourite, Jaase. Much of our accessories and jewellery is hand picked by us in Bali as we travel there several times a year and have great relationships with manufacturers and artisans in their trade.

I would like to make a special mention to all of you who have helped me on this journey. You know who you are. You mean so much to me and I couldn't have done it without you.

We are so excited to launch officially in 2019. And we are ecstatic you can follow our journey here on the A&W Blog.

Lots of love,

Jade x

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