Chapter 3 - The Market Place

Showcasing your products at a market stall is the oldest form of sales. There is a reason after so many thousands of years, this form of selling is so popular. You get a variety of items to choose from. You meet various sellers with different skills, tastes and abilities. From hand knitted booties, to homemade chilli sauces, markets sell it all.

In my business plan, one of my main point of sales, was always going to be markets. In a city that is dominated by shopping malls and greedy commercial landlords asking for over the top rent, having a market was an inexpensive way for people learn about our brand and to get their hands on our designs.

It meant we could move about and have a change of environment, which I feel is always healthy for the soul. Deep down, we are wanderers and that does represent the bohemian way of life. Which is what we're all about.

Having a market a couple of times a month also means we are able to keep our prices reasonable. It also adds that extra option to barter if there's room to do so. Buy two dresses, get a piece of jewellery for free * wink wink*. 

We love meeting our customers and hearing their opinions on our brand. It helps us to improve, to know what's popular and to find out what's not. It is a basic human need to interact and although most of our sales will eventually be in the ecommerce space, having that human interaction is so important.

We would love to meet you so please don't hesitate to come and see us at one of our market stall or pop ups. Our social media platforms will always keep you updated on which market we'll be appearing at next. And soon enough, we will be travelling to other parts of NSW to meet people outside of the ACT region which we're very much looking forward to.

Jade xo

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