Chapter 6 - Influencing the Bohemian Way

Since I started this journey, I've learnt so much. One thing that I've learnt that's had a massive effect on building this little business, is if you want your customers to love your brand, they need to love you!

Think about this logically, would you buy a pair of sneakers from a brand that uses a well known celebrity that has a terrible and horrible reputation? Or would you buy from a supermarket that does nothing to invest time and money into helping eliminate waste, support local food producers or attempt to reduce plastics where they can? It can have a massive effect on your choice to purchase from them if you don't like them.

Here at A&W, we are invested into spending the time to get to know our customers and in turn bohemian influencers on social media who WANT to be a part of our brand and promote us. We keep in regular contact with our followers, influencers and event organisers to show that they mean as much to us, as we mean to them.

This has reaped excellent results and we are feeling the love! So thank you. Thanks to our followers. Thanks to our influencers. Thanks to our event organisers and finally thanks to all of our future A&W tribe who will be a part of our small, busy and flourishing bohemian brand.

Jade xo

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