Chapter 9 - 10 Points to Help you Become Fearless in Business

I would like to introduce you to an amazing networking group called The Fearless Females. Created and managed by business coach extraordinaire, Ruth Marquez, this networking group is a safe and fun space for women to meet like minded women, in not just business, but in life. Many events are held throughout the year and it's something that every member looks forward too. I'm so privledged to be involved and a part of this amazing group. 

This week was the After Dark event. Kate Richardson was our guest speaker. Kate is a very well known award winning national and international latin dancer and trainer. She owned the extremely successful Canberra dance studio, Subsdance and recently sold it to pursue her business and life coaching career.

Here are some of the amazing gems I took from her talk and I feel the need to share them with my readers because I know all of us could take something from them and grow.

1. Your inner circle and network is so important in business. Don't lose sight of your network and what it stands for and what it can do for you.

2. To stop yourself from procrastinating, Kate recommended two words. Just Start. Don't sit on a thought or an idea for too long. The moment will pass or someone else who is like minded like you will think of the same idea and put their plan into action.

3. Remember that artistic and creative minds don't always match with structured and logical minds. Don't be afraid to delegate to a person who shows strength in things opposite to you. Self reflection: What am I good at? What am I not good at? Make choices and delegate based on these questions.

4. Nothing grows in comfort zones. Get out of your comfort zone otherwise you'll never give yourself the opportunity to grow and move forward. In business you HAVE to take risks.

5. Fear is ingrained in the human mind. Instead of caving to fear, harness it. Fear clouds your mind and becomes a time waster; hence making you procrastinate. Always remember this: WHEN YOU ARE FEARFUL OF MAKING A CHOICE, YOU ARE BEING PRESENTED WITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO GROW.

6. If you are in the business of people and customer service, take the time to learn about mental health. Not just of others, but of yourself, so you know the limitations. 

7. Always keep learning. Learning is growth.

8. It is imperative to be HUMBLE. Do not let ego get in the way. At the same time, don't discredit yourself and your achievements. Embrace them. Be proud. Humbly show what you've achieved. 

9. Business is not personal. It's just business.

10. This little gem, I got from Ruth at the end of the evening and it's one of my favourite recommendations of all time. There's one word you need to take out of your sentences. That word, is the word JUST. Let me give you a simple example.

If you're approaching your boss on a task that you know you're confident in, don't say "I just wanted to show you this report that I've completed..." Instead say "I want to show you this report I've completed...". It instantly shows the confidence you have in your work and you're not giving the other person the chance to doubt you or fail you, before you've even told them what you wanted to say.

This event and talk, opened my mind to the amazing potential I can achieve if I let go of the fear to move forward and grow. I sincerely hope that it can help you too. And if you're a woman wanting to find a kicka** network in Canberra, then make sure you search for The Fearless Females on all Social Media platforms. You won't be disappointed.

Jade xo


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