Rise & Reign Ladies!

When two unstoppable forces meet, it's hard to ignore the effect they have on each other and on those around them. This is how I felt when I met Ruth Marquez. 

I've already mentioned her in a recent blog about the 10 Points to Being Fearless in Business. But now I want to expand on the reason I have so much respect for this woman and why I am so excited to be working with her now and in the future.

Not only is she a Business Coach, Life Coach, Event Planner and Government Employee, she's also a Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend. With this massive list of roles and responsibilities, she's still agreed to help me with an must-attend event on August 24th 2019 in Canberra.

We would like to introduce you to Phoenix - Rise & Reign. An event by Jade Smith from Anchor & Willow and Ruth Marquez from The Fearless Female. This event is the ultimate Girls Night Out. It will incorporate food, drinks, fashion, shopping, entertainment and a fundraising portion to a charity close to my heart, Endometriosis Australia.

We have already spent countless hours meeting up, FaceTiming, calling, texting and planning this event and are so excited to bring it to you in three months time. If you would like to be involved or a sponser in this event, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We would love to speak to you! Stay Fearless Fam.


Jade xo